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Prince of Pleasure by Saul David-P2P

‘David is extremely good at interweaving the different stands of his narrative. He has an eye for the apt quotation and the telling anecdoate… He is a historian of enormous promise who might one day become the Hibbert of the next generation.’ Amanda Foreman, Sunday Times
A wonderful portrait of George IV and his time – the first in 25 years.
Described by the Duke of Wellington as ‘the most extraordinary compound of talent, wit, buffoonery, obstinacy and good feeling that I ever saw in one character in my life’, George Augustus Frederick, Prince of Wales, later George IV, was a highly controversial figure. He courted both Whigs and Tories in his attempts to establish the Regency during the ‘madness’ of his father, George III. Scandalous liaisons with prostitutes and duchesses, and his ‘secret’ marriage to the Catholic Mrs Fitzherbert, tested his duty – to nation and to family. Yet his support for overseas campaigns against Napoleon, culminating in such historic victories as Trafalgar and Waterloo, consolidated Britain’s status as the pre-eminent world power amid the great social and economic upheavals of the Industrial Revolution.

Prince of Pleasure: The Prince of Wales and the Making of the Regency by Saul David -P2P
English | 496 pages | ePUB | 1 MB

Marquis de Lafayette by Hourly History-P2P

The Marquis de Lafayette may be a name that sounds vaguely familiar. If you’ve studied even a little American history, you’ll recall Lafayette as George Washington’s right-hand man during the American Revolution. This remarkable man was just a teenager when he ventured across the seas from France to fight in a conflict that he was in no way obligated to participate in. Yet, here he was, this young man full of idealistic thoughts, ready to help a country set their path on the road to independence. Little did Lafayette know that this would be just the first ride among many that he would take in his lifetime.

Marquis de Lafayette: A Life From Beginning to End by Hourly History  -P2P
English | 54 pages | ePUB | 1.1 MB


Black Saturday by Alexander McKee-P2P

Friday the 13th of October, 1939, in the sixth week of the second world war. Most of the crew of the battleship, H.M.S Royal Oak, were looking forward to a full-night off watch.
It was pay day and two German U-boats had been sunk. Although unlucky for some, Friday the 13th passes quietly for the crew.
As the ship was in harbour, their only fear was of an air attack. Subsequently, with the exception of those on watch, many of the crew had turned in.
Saturday, 14th October, at 01.04 a.m., the first explosion rocked the Royal Oak. Leading Signalman Fossey noted the absence of cascading water up the side of the ship, suggesting this was not a torpedo hit.
The crew forwards of the bridge were woken up. As the ship was in harbour, they believed that there had been an internal explosion and little alarm was raised.

Black Saturday by Alexander McKee -P2P
English | 192 pages | ePUB | 1.1 MB

Britain and Palestine During the Second World War by Ronald Zweig -P2P

This major new work examines the radical change in British policy brought about through the publication of 1939 White Paper on Palestine.
Intended as the cornerstone diplomacy in the Middle East, guaranteeing Arab support in the war against Germany, it aimed at the termination of Jewish immigration and the creation of an independent Palestine.
Dr Zweig examines Palestine policy both in terms of overall diplomacy in the Middle East and as an attempt to shed the Mandate.
An exercise in colonial policy, it was undermined by political realities in London and practical difficulties in Palestine.

Britain and Palestine During the Second World War by Ronald Zweig -P2P
English | 207 pages | ePUB | 1 MB



The Electra Story by Robert J Serling-P2P

At 11:08 P.M. on the humid night of September 29, 1959, Braniff Flight 542 crashed on a farm near Buffalo, Texas.
Less than six months later, Northwest Flight 710 crashed in a soybean field near Tell City, Indiana. Both planes were Lockheed Electras, and both, for no apparent reason, had lost a wing in mid-air.
The combined toll of the two crashes was 97 lives. There were no survivors. Early the following October, during take-off from Boston’s Logan Airport, there was another Electra disaster, and the plane that had been supposedly foolproof became the object of the ugliest controversy in the history of commercial aviation.
The Electra Story is an illuminating and incomparably thorough study of the plane’s entire career. From design through construction, rigorous testing, and brilliant initial performance, to the minute-by-minute record of the fatal flights, the scenes of wreckage, and then the painstaking efforts to solve the mystery.

The Electra Story: The Dramatic History of Aviation’s Most Controversial Airliner by Robert J Serling -P2P
English | 165 pages | ePUB | 1.1 MB

Moon Squadron by Jerrard Tickell-P2P

This was Winston Churchill’s terse directive to the secret organisation set up in London in 1940.
It’s name was the S.O.E: Special Operations Executive. Its purpose was ‘to co-ordinate all action by way of subversion and sabotage against the enemy overseas.’
On nights when the moon was full, aircraft were flown across the channel, and landed behind enemy lines without lights on grass fields and improvised airstrips as short as 150 yards.
They were known as the ‘Moon Squadron’.
Over the course of a few years, they flew some of the most hazardous missions of the war.
In ‘Moon Squadron’ Jerrard Tickell tells the story of the‘gentlemen of the shade’, whose courage and fighting spirit helped turn the tide of WWII, and bought invaluable aid to the resistance fighters of occupied Europe.

Moon Squadron by Jerrard Tickell -P2P
English | 190 pages | ePUB | 1.1 MB

Mark Twain by Hourly History-P2P

Mark Twain is best known as the author of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. His authentic voice, humor, and use of vernacular language undeniably changed American literature—some have called him the Father of American Literature.
Inside you will read about…
✓ The Mississippi Steamboat Pilot
✓ Westward to Fame and Fortune
✓ Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn
✓ Debts and Bankruptcy
✓ Family Travels and Deaths
✓ The Last Years

Mark Twain: A Life From Beginning to End by Hourly History -P2P
English | 46 pages | ePUB | 1 MB

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