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Wars of Empire by Douglas Porch -P2P

The nineteenth century marked the high point of Western Imperialism with much of the world falling under colonial rule.
European powers expanded their empires to swallow almost every independent state in Africa and Asia.
But were their armies really so superior to the native forces they eventually overcame?
In this ground-breaking book, historian Douglas Porch overturns the idea that indigenous fighters were easily outclassed by European armies. In this violent clash of cultures, the margins of victory were often slim and the ‘civilized’ powers sometimes met bloody defeat.
Native militias often defeated their European counterparts, and sometimes quite spectacularly. The British Army fell victim first to American rebels, then Afghans, Indian mutineers, and finally to the Boers.
From the ‘scramble for Africa’ to the Russian march into the Caucasus, this fascinating story of the Age of Imperialism is about more than mere clashes of arms. It is about clashes between civilisations, wars fought between peoples of radically different mentalities, different levels of political organisation, and of contrasting technological capabilities.

Wars of Empire by Douglas Porch -P2P
English | 240 pages | ePUB |1.1 MB


Nuremberg: The Reckoning by William F. Buckley Jr-P2P

Nuremberg’s Palace of Justice.
The aftermath of World War Two, 1945.
A world awaits justice.
Yanked from routine army duty to serve as an interpreter at Nuremberg, Sebastian Reinhardt, a young German-American, seems fated to be intimately involved with the lives and deaths of others.
In hearing the stories of the infamous Nazi killers and war makers, he encounters not only the towering figures of that dark history — among them Albert Speer, Hermann Goering, and the untried shadow of Adolf Hitler — but also those from his own dark history as the lives of his ancestors become vitally relevant.
Torn between his two identities, between past and present, Reinhardt must undergo his own personal journey to judge those guilty for himself.

Nuremberg: The Reckoning by William F. Buckley Jr -P2P
English | 384 pages | ePUB |1 MB


The Road to Waterloo by Jacqueline Everett-P2P

The year is 1805.
The fear of invasion still lingers over England.
On the continent, Napoleon Bonaparte’s power spreads, hundreds of thousands of soldiers at his command: it is only a matter of time before he casts his master stroke.
For Thomas Cowper, it is just the beginning…
Abused by his father and in the shadow of his brother, life in Leicestershire is as bleak as it’s going to get.
When his mother accuses him of murdering his brother, it seems he is granted the escape he has long desired.

  The Road to Waterloo by Jacqueline Everett -P2P
English | 306 pages | ePUB |1 MB

Ghost Force by Ken Connor-P2P

Formed in 1941, David Stirling’s SAS had been a highly mobile yet conventional force.
The modern SAS can be traced more directly to the Chindits and Force 136.
Between the onset of peace and persistent opposition in certain circles, in the autumn of 1945 the original SAS was disbanded.
Less than two years later the Malayan Emergency exposed how unprepared the British Army was not only for jungle warfare, but for unconventional warfare in general.
It was a niche that needed filling, and so Mike Calvert – the man who had been forced to preside over the disbandment – was able to breathe life into the Regiment once more.
Able to adapt, improvise and refine their techniques to face the most hostile of environments, the SAS forged a reputation as the world’s premier special forces unit.
In order to fully appreciate the importance of the SAS and its contribution from 1947 to the Gulf War, Ken Connor places the Regiment’s history within the wider, political context.
Compiled from personal experience and the eye-witness accounts, Connor reveals SAS involvement in the Falklands War and the Gulf War and their operations against the IRA in Gibraltar.

Ghost Force: The Secret History of the SAS by Ken Connor -P2P
English | 481 pages | ePUB |1.2 MB

89: The Unfinished Revolution by Nick Thorpe-P2P

BBC journalist Nick Thorpe has witnessed first-hand some of the most tumultuous events of the past twenty-five years in eastern Europe: the Velvet Revolution in Prague; the bloody uprising in Romania; the bombing of Belgrade; and the economic crash of 2008.
But for Thorpe the revolutions of 1989 roll on, yet to reach their conclusion.
The old cold war has been replaced by a new cold war — this time between the people and the state.
In ’89: The Unfinished Revolution Nick Thorpe weaves the political with the personal, anecdote with analysis, to produce an energising and important account of history in the making.
It is the most detailed account yet published of the transition from Communism to capitalism in Eastern Europe.
‘The jury is out on the [...] revolutions of 1989, their deliberations will be helped by this book.’ Norman Stone

’89: The Unfinished Revolution by Nick Thorpe -P2P
English | 320 pages | ePUB |1.1 MB


The Great War Generals on the Western Front, 1914-1918 by Robin Neillands-P2P

The verdict of history on the British generals of the First World War – Haig, French, Plumer, Gough and Byng – has been damning.
They sent hundreds of thousands of young men to their deaths on the Western Front – often needlessly.
But is it fair?
In this explosive book, Robin Neillands challenges the popular myth about the incompetence and callousness of the Great War generals and examines the battles of the Western Front through the eyes of the officers to explain the circumstances that led them to plan and fight as they did.

The Great War Generals on the Western Front, 1914-1918 by Robin Neillands  -P2P
English | 704 pages | ePUB |1.1 MB

Summer of No Surrender by Richard Townshend Bickers -P2P

1940. The Battle of Britain.
In the skies over the Channel, young men were proving their courage to the enemy, to their comrades, and to themselves.
And the R.A.F. and the Luftwaffe are in a fight to the death – with the future of Europe at stake.
The British Officer Peter Knight and German Leutnant Erich Hafner have battled it out time and again and now they can identify one another’s planes.
For both men, the war has become personal.
And each man is stalking his own special prey.
As their final deadly showdown looms it starts to affect the whole of 172 Squadron.
Will Peter manage to shoot down Erich and lead the British squadron to victory?
Or will his personal vendetta end in disaster for the entire unit?

  Summer of No Surrender by Richard Townshend Bickers -P2P
English | 192 pages | ePUB |1.1 MB


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